Honey For Peace

This program aims to improve healthy, social and economical life of disadvantaged youth (ex-combatants) and vulnerable rural community, to fight against youth unemployment and idleness and to prevent idle youth from being recruited in armed groups and perpetrating violence in communities. Initiating youth and all the community for the environment and biodiversity protection.

Beneficiaries will be trained in Beekeeping and in entrepreneurship so they are able to produce honey which they will be selling to generate incomes. Beekeeping as an INCOME GENERATING activity will creating job for youth, and fight idleness and unemployment which are some of causes that push youth to be enrolled easily in armed groups, and make violence. They will be gathered in a cooperative of honey producers and sellers. They will grow their incomes and grow local economy.


About Us

AJVDC envision peace and development restoration in Eastern of Congo, where it is better to live for children and women, for this and future generation.


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Republiaue Démocratique du Congo




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