Online Casino Game Variations— The Irresistible Appeal of Card Games

Card games have always been popular among gamblers. If you’ve had the chance to play these games before then you will understand why. Now that these gambling games are also being offered at casinos online, more people have the chance to play them and discover for themselves the appeal behind such massive interest in these games. If you want to experience some card games fun, below are some of the games you should consider playing. 


Also referred to as the game of 21, the game is based on pure chance although this hasn’t stopped players from coming up with their own strategies to try and outdo the system. It is simple and straightforward enough to play, which makes it easy enough for newbies.

A game where players and bankers try to outdo each other by securing a hand that’s closest to the value of 21 but not over it, the winner is the party with the highest hand.

The game is quite popular among traditional casinos. Needless to say, after being offered online, it has since been one of the most preferred games among online gamblers too.


Eerily similar to blackjack, the only difference between these games is that instead of 21, baccarat players aim towards acquiring a hand with a value that’s closest to 9. Also, unlike in baccarat where a player going over 21 loses, in baccarat, your hand can go beyond 9.

However, if you end up with a double-digit total, you will need to drop the first number and the second digit of the sum of your card value is going to be the total value of your hand. For instance, if you have two cards of 8 and 6, the total is 14. Since you will need to drop the first digit, the total value of your hand is 4.

Caribbean Stud

This is one game you’d love to play online especially if you have always been curious about the card game poker. There will be variations to the two games, however, it is exciting and fun as any poker game is.

It is going to be a little complex. But since most online casinos will have free games that will allow players to practice the game, you should have enough time to hone your skills and become a better player by the time to start making money bets.

Remember that online casinos are known for offering numerous variants of many of traditional casino’s card games. This shouldn’t affect you immensely, however. After all, most of the core principles and rules of these games will remain the same. Most of the time, the tweaks will be minor and players shouldn’t have a hard time understanding them and incorporating them into the gameplay.