Success Stories

We have succeeded to install 3 community farms for growing food and creating jobs for youth and women, in Minova county, and bought 6 fishnets for fishing activities.

We have succeed to demobilize more than 400 children (boys and girls) from armed groups, our fearless volunteers members are reaching out in armed group areas, to meet leaders of armed groups and tell them to release children from their groups, we are doing this in partnership with UN Mission, DDR program and FARDC (DRCongo force army).

There are others actions in Child Protection and Sexual violence programs that we have already done and still doing, in partnership WAR CHILD UK.

We are also promoting the youth engagement in nature conservation and environment protection, by planting trees.


About Us

AJVDC envision peace and development restoration in Eastern of Congo, where it is better to live for children and women, for this and future generation.


Avenue Kituku N° 04, Quartier Kyshero
Commune de Goma, Ville de Goma
Republiaue Démocratique du Congo



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