What We Do


Plaider pour la participation des jeunes dans le processus de la stabilisation du pays, relancer socio- économique, dans la protection de l’environnement

Training (formation)

  • Promoting youth innovations ideas to create and manage their own enterprises and to encourage entrepreneurial spirit among the youth.
  • Running the Entrepreneurship Academy, short courses of 15 days each, to encourage ideas, and help with technical and managerial skills. This academy is hosted free times per year.
  • Encouraging innovative ideas in different fields such as agribusiness, artisanal activities, and small scale mining.


  • Connecting young entrepreneurs, gathering those with common goals in cooperatives, in their fields and area of business.
  • Improving their products and services marketing.
  • Promoting cross-border market in the great lakes region, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Burundi.li>
  • Forming Youth Business groups.
  • Promoting fair trade, increasing the chance for youth access to international market.
  • Structuring the local, national and regional market for youth business.
  • Allowing exchange of experiences between young entrepreneurs.
  • Promoting public private markets.
  • Promoting access to seed funds, crowd funding and bank credit for youth entrepreneurs.
  • Providing access to finances and financial development institutions .


  • Encouraging volunteer mentors to accompany the startups, for coaching.
  • Organizing and attend economic forums.


  • Encouraging youth volunteering for humanitarian and environmental actions, for sustainable development and peacebuilding in Eastern of Congo and around the region.
  • Forming volunteer groups, Sanitation Brigade, Green Brigade and Anti-rape Brigade.

About Us

AJVDC envision peace and development restoration in Eastern of Congo, where it is better to live for children and women, for this and future generation.


Avenue Kituku N° 04, Quartier Kyshero
Commune de Goma, Ville de Goma
Republiaue Démocratique du Congo




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